Our partners in promoting the events (typically the wrestling league) know Black Friday talent means only the best and will bring them big box office numbers, so they aren’t going to argue. And if they still give us a problem leave it to Black Friday Management… we always make sure our own are taken care of… by any means necessary.

Of course, there are wrestling organizations and individuals that find BFM to be too aggressive in our managerial and promoting efforts, which does not deter BFM. In fact it just makes us work harder to ensure we are granted licenses to manage AND promote our own.

BFM is global and without borders.  Whether we’re presenting the finest talent before a sold out crowd in Singapore or St. Louis, best bet it is a world class affair.

If BFM wants in your promotion, there’s no stopping us. We’ll be making money and running the game within the company before those who oppose have a chance to counter.

Keep checking this site and any wrestling leagues/groups we are strategically affiliated with, either cooperatively or under protest, will acknowledge their loyalty to our organization.

Note: Black Friday Management negotiates ONLY in person or on phone with promoters. Email requests will be ignored and likely deleted as BFM runs its organization as a real business.