Black Friday Management is the world's preeminent management company for fighters in professional wrestling.

At Black Friday, we manage and promote our clients' business interests and work as a fine tuned organization to ensure ALL of our interests are protected, respected, and feared.

Upon being contracted by BFM, wrestlers will be represented worldwide by the premiere management office.

You no longer will have your interests represented by another promoter who is looking to take the entire box office gate.

No longer will you have to settle for absurd match stipulations that are not favorable for you or your career.

No longer will you get shorted on pay.

You are now part of a well oiled wrestling syndicate that manages you and manipulates others to our benefit. In short time, you will be respected, feared, and paid the big money as a true big player in the pro-wrestling business.

You will be marketed under our eyes. You will be trained under our eyes. You will be directed by the boss himself – Low Ki.

Training under Black Friday Management
Whether at our facilities in Manhattan, Singapore, Chicago, Dallas or Tokyo, Black Friday’s team of elite grapplers train daily in state-of-the-art facilities with sessions at dawn, noon, the afternoon, and evening that instills teachings and disciplines of various popular and rarely taught fighting styles from around the world.


Contacting Black Friday Management
BFM recommends you send any inquiries regarding representation here and make sure to include your athletic background, level of success thus far in wrestling, photos, physical statistics, criminal records, etc.