For over 40 years, Mr. Gary Hart was a key player in many multimillion dollar organizations and territories at various capacities from a match maker in the highly revered Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling and various territories as far as in Australia to being a part of the match making committee in World Championship Wrestling / NWA where he represented only his clients – which still holds true today as part of the Black Friday Management vision.

In addition to these duties, Hart managed countless men to high dollar contracts with wrestling companies, brought his men championship gold, brokered high dollar main event deals on a consistent basis for his clients, and ensured that those in the ring and in the business respect and fear his syndicate of international world class grapplers.

Fans around the world witnessed some of the the most celebrated wrestling events in packed football stadiums and arenas under the watchful eyes of Mr. Hart, including the first Starrcade, the rise of World Class Championship Wrestling and more.   In addition to promoting events and presenting talent, Hart also penned a best selling autobiography.

Enjoying a hall of fame career, Mr. Hart managed several clients including: Bruiser Brody, Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, the Great Kabuki, the Great Muta, Pak Song, Dusty Rhodes, King Curtis Iaukea, Low Ki and countless others.

Hart’s formula for success and his ability to manipulate the dishonest promoters is simple: control, money, and violent talent equal power and fear… and for decades Hart was able to protect his interests by executing this formula in the most aggressive manner possible. It was the spirit of what led to Mr. Hart forming Black Friday in 2004.

Today, Gary Hart’s legacy lives on with the success of Black Friday Management – now under the ruthless watch of the company’s managing partner, Low Ki.